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Seafolly Swimwear

With a worldwide reputation, Seafolly is a long-standing Aussie swim brand renowned for its quality, fit and fashion-forward designs. Additionally, it is Australia's best-loved swimwear brand. Seafolly stylings lead the swimwear fashion trends globally, and each new drop sets that season's trends. Colour, texture and standout cuts are standout elements to this brand. We love seeing the new styles that come out each season! 

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And don't forget to check out the Seafolly Kids range for girls from 0-14.

Seafolly is a fashion-forward brand that unites utility, special Seafolly quality and the latest trends in a perfect Seafolly swimwear for girls and women with a refined Seafolly, feminine touch.  Seafolly’s innovative use of texture and wide-range of unique Seafolly styles with classic to modern cuts make Seafolly a good match for every body type. With Seafolly, you can forget all about your body insecurities and make the most out of your body flaws. 

Your Seafolly flawless look is just a click away. 

Born on Australia’s beaches, Seafolly today is an established swimwear brand. Seafolly unique style is recognizable worldwide. Seafolly collections embrace a woman’s beauty. Encouraging your body positivity, Seafolly is here to provide you with unforgettable Seafolly summer memories.

Why Do Women Choose Seafolly? 

Seafolly’s collections offer Seafolly swimwear for every type of beach bum. Seafolly bikinis are ideal for girls who love to soak up the sun. Seafollys are perfect for lazing by the pool. If you aim for a bronze tan, Seafolly bikini styles will help you make the most out of it. For sportive women, Seafolly swimwear provides special Seafolly support. With Seafolly collections, you can feel secure while swimming or enjoying a beach run. For the sensitive types, Seafolly greater coverage swimsuits will make you feel comfortable and Seafolly protection will save you from the UV rays. 

 Seafolly swimwear is made to fit you like a second skin. With Seafolly, you can enjoy yourself under the sun and beneath the waves.  

Having a hard time deciding between Seafolly and other brands? Finding your perfect Seafolly fit and Seafolly size including your favourite Seafolly design seems too much to ask for. Well, having the importance of personal style in mind, here at SplishSplash we provide you with numerous possibilities. Choose your perfect Seafolly match and pair it with any other brand you love.  Combinations with Seafolly are endless. Seafolly swimwear is very versatile, and every Seafolly item is adjustable to your personal taste. Seafolly swimwear offers: 

  • Seafolly bikini tops
  • Seafolly triangle
  • Seafolly bralette
  • Seafolly bandeau
  • Seafolly halter
  • Seafolly underwire
  • Seafolly bustier
  • Seafolly singlet tankini
  • Seafolly rash-vests
  • Seafolly one-pieces
  • Seafolly bikini bottoms
  • Seafolly tie-side
  • Seafolly Brazilian
  • Seafolly hipster
  • Seafolly high-waisted
  • Seafolly more coverage
  • Seafolly board-shorts
  • Seafolly for girls 0-14
  • Seafolly one-pieces
  • Seafolly Rashie-sets
  • Seafolly short-sleeve
  • Seafolly long-sleeve
  • Seafolly toddlers
  • Seafolly babies 

Great Seafolly prints and Seafolly range of colours that Seafolly swimwear provides make Seafolly collections universally good. 

The Seafolly 2019 collection brings fresh new Seafolly styles. Comprised of Seafolly swimwear, Seafolly kaftans, Seafolly summer dresses, Seafolly shorts, Seafolly  leggings, Seafolly bags, Seafolly crop-tops, Seafolly shirts, Seafolly denims, Seafolly kimonos, Seafolly play-suites, Seafolly accessories, Seafolly visors, Seafolly beach-trousers, Seafolly cover-ups, Seafolly hats, Seafolly sarongs, Seafolly scarfs and Seafolly flip-flops, this year’s Seafolly collection allows a head-to-toe Seafolly look for an authentic  Seafolly summer. 

We value the importance of a great Seafolly look every woman aspires for, therefore we are happy to make your Seafolly wishes come true. Look no further and grant your Seafolly wish with our Seafolly sale today. As Seafolly offers women and girls swimwear only, you can check Speedo for great men’s swimwear.