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Funky Trunks Boys Swimwear

Funky Trunks Boys Swimwear

Funky Trunks Australia has become synonymous with fun and vibrant fashion, striking colours, and patterned swimwear! They're known for their sparkling designs and eye-catching patterns that stand out on the beach or poolside. The right swimming apparel guarantees a good time, whether you plan to swim all day or sit idly by the pool with a good book.

Splish Splash Funky Trunks swimwearselection gives you a range of designs for toddlers to adults, from training jammers to rash vests, swim trunks and water-resistant swimming accessories. You know you're in for fun at the beach or pool when you use our products.

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BuyFunky Trunks eco-friendly beachwear selection

Founded in Melbourne,Funky Trunks offers fashionable swimwear for boys with a wide range of bright, fun designs in comfortable fabrics and styles from swimwear, underwear and beachwear— its range of funky swimwear for boys designed for prolonged use.

Are you looking to add some colour and style to your swimwear collection?Funky Trunk jammers will do the trick! With a passion for making colourful swimwear for kids and adults, their range of kids' andmen's jammers offers something for everyone. You can get a specially designed pair with vibrant colours, unique prints and patterns! 

Thefunky swimwear is proud to be chlorine-resistant from 100% Italian polyester C-Infinity fabric designed for comfort and durability even with prolonged usage. The C-Infinity fabric is strong and has better retention than other elastane fabrics used by swimwear manufacturers. 

Funky Trunks developed an ECO C-Infinity to reduce the environmental impact. The products don't contain harmful chemicals or colourants that could pollute the water when submerged, so you don't have to worry about micro pollution from your underwater garments. The eco-friendly C-Infinity uses recycled items to ensure the company is doing its job in keeping pollution to a minimum. 

Aside from having great style, the brand also has beautiful and stylish designs to go with the superior fabric quality. You can't go wrong with an eco-conscious product.

Funky Trunk Offers the Best Comfort and Style for Boys

It would help if you considered the perfect mixture of comfort, durability and resistance when choosing trunks. TheFunky Trunk swimming trunks are designed and crafted with the finest materials with Funky's exclusive fabric. Your swimwear would last long, even after several swims and washes. 

Funky swimwear knows that no one has the same body type. They added features like an adjustable drawcord, wide elastic leg opening, and waistband to accommodate different sizes and positions like sitting or standing. You can check out theirSidewinder Trunks lines, which your boys will love.

Splish Splash has an extensive selection offunky trunks jammers sale for kids and men, so you can find the right fit regardless of who's wearing them. Our line of jammers includes a range of sizes so that every kid can have a suit that fits just right!

So, whether you're shopping for a gift or want to treat your little one to some new swimwear, thesetrunk boys are sure to make him happy with sizing allowances perfect for growing kids.

Funky Trunk Swimming Accessories

TheFunky Trunks swimwear accessories will make your little guy stand out in the water, from brightly-coloured swim caps to funky patterns rash vests. Some accessories cover the ears to prevent them from getting sunburned.

They also made a line of children's rash vests with their preferences in mind. Bright colours and vivid imagery based on several character designs like: 

  • Big cats living in the heart of African savannahs come together yearly to celebrate radical inclusion.
  • A bohemian lifestyle.
  • Great white shark who was so big, who believed the only way for sharks to rule the ocean was to ensure nothing else survived.

These fun and playful characters will surely keep your little one happy and comfortable all day long. Plus, the UV50+ rating of this fabric will reduce exposure to the sun's harmful rays, keeping them safe and protected. 

And don't forget swimming caps! The Funkita Swimming Cap is comfortable and durable, available in various bright colours and prints. This one-size-fits-all cap can fit all head sizes, making it the perfect accessory for your boy's next beach trip.

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