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Sarong Skirts

Stunning sarong skirts for a beach vacation

If you love long, flowing fabrics with bright colours and the latest styles, these wrap skirts and sarongs are perfect for you. Whether you’ve just stepped out of the pool, or are enjoying your day at the beach, these are the perfect items to wrap around yourself. Browse our range of wrap skirts and sarongs here at Splish Splash Swimwear online today!

You've seen them on your last beach outing, you fell in love with those lovely designs and colourful patterns, you've probably looked them up googling something like "beach skirt" or "beach wrap skirt." Well, you're right about one thing - a sarong skirt is an absolute must-have if you love spending time on the beach or live in a coastal town. It's the most versatile and effortlessly beautiful piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. And if you don't have one, we are delighted to show you our collection of the loveliest sarongs in Australia.

Here's why you need a sarong and how to style it

Sarong skirts can be long or short, they are made of delicate fabrics with gorgeous colours, prints, tassels and other fun little details that make them so unique and eye-catching. They always look amazing whether you spent some time creating a certain look or just threw one on after getting out of water. The possibilities are endless with a sarong wrap! We'll give you a hint just to get you started:

  • Tie it around your waist as a cute beach skirt. A long sarong with intricate patterns will go great with a neutral-coloured swimsuit top.
  • Make a halter dress by tying it around your neck for a charming and feminine look. You can also move the knot to one of your shoulders to make a toga and walk the beach as a certified Greek goddess.
  • Fold your sarong in half or get a shorter one for a stylish triangle skirt to show off a little more leg..
  • Wear it like a blouse paired with your favourite skirt or shorts and you're good to go pretty much anywhere, not just the beach.

There is no right answer when it comes to styling a sarong skirt, so keep experimenting and using your imagination.

Buy beautiful sarongs online in Australia

There is a stunning sarong on Splish Splash that's calling your name with vibrant colours and lovely patterns, perfect for your next outing to the beach. Buy sarongs online in Australia at Splish Splash for a reasonable price and get them delivered right to your door. We have a great loyalty system with bonus points that you can later use for your purchases. How about some sunshades or towels for your vacation? Or trendy kaftans, dresses and skirts to complete your summer wardrobe? Level up your beach fashion with Splish Splash!