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Bedhead Hats

Bedhead Hats

There is something very heart-warming about the fact that the first few years of a toddler's life are one of the most impactful. Inspire your little one when you introduce them to the beach, showing them all the wonders of nature, letting them experience the ocean and introducing favourite family beach activities.

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One of the most critical parts ofensuring your toddler has the time of their life by the ocean is preparation and organisation. Discover our extensive selection of bedhead hats to help keep your little one safe and let them enjoy their new experiences to the fullest!

Why do children need Bedhead hats?

The ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun have harmful effects on our skin, especially when it comes to children's soft and sensitive skin. Kids' skin isn’t fully-developed and can be prone to irritation, so proper sun protection becomes an even bigger priority. Kids' bedhead hats have UV protection to ensure your young ones' scalps don't get sunburned while you're out and about.

Visits to the playground, weekends by the beach, nature trips - all of these memorable summer experiences can involve prolonged exposure to the sun. Bedhead hats offer your children head protection and reduce the risk of excess sun exposure and heat exhaustion. 

These hats are designed with visors that also offer essential protection to your little one’s eyes, shielding them from the sun’s glare. 

Best Bedhead hats

Here atSplish Splash, we are passionate about all things beach related and love to offer high-quality, durable and stylish products that help our loyal customers enjoy their summer to the fullest. Our selection of baby bucket hats is no exception. Featuring adorable designs, functionality, and top quality; they will become your toddlers' favourite hat for much-loved trips to the beach.

Don't forget that you're important too, and too much sun could damage your skin, scalp and eyes. Splish Splash also has an excellentbucket hat selection for adults to ensure sufficient sun protection while you're sunbathing or accompanying the kids while doing their thing.

Here are a few reasons why our kids' bedheads are a must-have in your children's summer wardrobe:


We care about your little one's comfort and convenience, which is why we make bedhead hats from the softest materials that stretch well and retain their shape over time. Our baby bucket hats are comfortable over the ears and back of the neck and have anti-flop technology that prevents the brims from flopping over your kid's eyes, which makes them a perfect wear-everywhere summer hat. 

The bed head hats feature high-quality, chlorine-resistant, nylon knit material that will last you for an extended period, even if you’re heading to the beach or the pool every other day.

Best protection

Keeping your toddler protected from the sun during summer is essential. The UPF rating of sun protective clothing, like a bucket hat, defines to what extent the garment protects the person wearing it from UV rays. 

Our bedhead hats offer UPF50+, which is the maximum UPF rating achievable. So you can always be sure you protect your little ones to the highest standards.

Beautiful designs

One of our favourite features of these baby bedhead hats is their adorable designs. We offer a wide variety of bucket hats with various designs featuring anything from neutral colours with pastel shade patterns to bright models with bold prints seen from afar. 

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Everyone needs good sun protection during family beach time, and that’s taken care of with a few products from our online shop. Complete your kid's summer look with beautiful beachwear from our collection. Splish Splash offers Australia-widefree express post for orders over $100. Whether you're building sandcastles at your nearby beach or travelling to other parts of the world, Splish Splash has the best products to ensure style and comfort.