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Womens Bikini Bottoms

You can enjoy the sun and feel confident in and out of the water with our must-have bikini bottoms at Splish Splash Swimwear. We offer high-quality, comfortable and stylish swimwear briefs, from high waist to V-high cut bikini bottoms. Find the perfect bikinis online to suit your unique style and shop our women's swimsuits today!

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Find Your PerfectBikini Bottom Fit

In order to feel great underneath the sun and beneath the waves, a girl needs her perfect pair ofbikini pants. The ideal pair ofbikini pants will be the one that suits her body shape best. Fortunately, our long-standing and reliable swimwear brands offer a wide range of differentbikini bottom styles. Whatever your figure and style requirements, it’s here in our completebikini bottom collection. You no longer need to compromise style for comfort and support. The best fashion-forward brands unite style, utility and durability in every piece ofbikini pants. Moreover, there are suitabletypes of bikini pants for every beach bum out there, and you will find them here in our Splish Splash online store.

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ChoosingBikini Bottom Styles 

Trendy, classy, sporty or playful, whatever your style is, yourbikini bottoms will be perfectly suited. From basic cuts and designs totight bikini pants for bold statements, we offerbikini pants that will satisfy your style, needs and preferred appearances. Taking those three factors into consideration, you will easily choose your perfectbikini bottoms. Do you seek a sexy appearance or less coverage for even, bronze tanning? Does your confidence rely on good support and greater coverage? Whatever you expect from yourbikini pants, you will get it, plus the trendy look. Let’s look separately at thebikini bottom styles and their assets.

Bikini Bottoms andSwimsuit Bottoms Models

Theside-tie bikini bottom is a very convenient and adjustable model suitable for all body types. As it features less coverage, it’s good for even bronze tanning. The side-tie is a universally good style, however, it’s commonly worn by girls willing to show more skin.

String bikini bottoms are a very trendy swimwear style these days. Similar to side-tie bikini pants, they are tied by a string that can be adjustable. The thin string that keeps the front and back together offers lower coverage. Moreover, string bikini pants are ideal for even bronze tanning and confident girls who enjoy skin exposure.

High waist bikini bottoms offer the classic feel, often recognized as a vintage look. As in the ‘60s, ahigh-rise bikini bottom is still trendy today. Offering greater coverage these,full-cutbikini pants are intended for girls that want to make the most out of their body lines or areas that require more coverage. On the other hand, they also improve the good appearance of a girl’s waist.  

Full coverage bikini bottoms come in a skirt-like or shorts model. Girls that feel vulnerable when exposing their bodies will findfull-coverage bikini bottoms to be the perfect beachwear. Whatever model you choose, the full-coveragebikini pants will cover your whole bottom.  

Low-rise bikini bottoms are designed for the top edge of the suit to be below the hip bone, which means low coverage. It’s perfectly suitable for bronze tanning. Low-risebikini pants offer an attractive look and do not interfere with a woman’s body shape. 

Cheeky bottom bikinis offer cheeky coverage, moreover, less than moderate. Thesebikini pants are stated as a bit daring. If you are proud of your long-built gluteus, this cheeky style is your bestbikini pants choice!

Whatever your preferred style, you should always choose atight bikini bottom. Swimwear is intended to stretch your body in order to offer support and security. Find the most flattering bikini pants for your bottom at Splish Splash online store today and enjoy the carefree summer days to come!