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Kids Rashies

 Want to make sure that your little one is safe in the water?      

If you've been looking for kids swimming rash vest that's made with your child in mind, look no further. Splish Splash brands of kids rashies have been designed with kids in mind and are the perfect swimwear choice for your little ones.  We've got you covered with our large range of swimming rash vests for your girls and toddlers.

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 Long Sleeve Rashie for Girls

A long-sleeve rashie is a classic piece of swimwear that will never go out of style. They are perfect for kids who want to enjoy swimming but also want some protection from the sun.

If you're looking for a simple way to stay protected from the sun's harmful rays, then look no further than a long-sleeve rashie fromAqua Blu kid’s swimwear brand.  They create luxurious fabrics, with bold designs and statement prints that focus on quality and craftsmanship. Their range of teens’ and girls’ long-sleeve rashies is packed with protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, making them the perfect choice for your kid’s next trip to the beach.

Salty Ink is another Australian-owned brand that focuses on offering bright print designs, colourful youthful trends and creative styling.  Their little girls' long sleeve rashie collection features bright pastel tones and funky tye dye patterns that will surely excite your little ones.

The Speedo brand is best known for chlorine-resistant fabric.

Maaji andSeafollyhave a wide range of fun colours, prints and sizes to choose from. 

 Short Sleeve Sun Vests for Kids

The perfect sun vest for your little one is here!

Get the most of your kid’s day under the sun with our range of short sleeve sun vests. 

 We are dedicated to bringing the highest-quality sun protection clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The unique knit and yarn combination used inRadicool Australia's products ensures effective UV protection for all skin types. Their kid's rashies feature a fast-drying nylon/lycra material with sleeves cut to elbow length and the body cut longer so that there is no chance of exposing the back if your kid leaves over.  The neck collar offers added protection against sunburn with its contrasting panels on the front and sleeves adding interest to their look while SPF/UPF 100+ keep your kids protected from harmful UV rays in style!

The Girl collection fromSeafolly, Australia’s premier swimwear brand, offers a wide range of styles and colours in sizes 8-16. With fashion-forward prints and patterns available on bikinis through to surf suits, there is something for every girl!

Our popular brandSpeedo, is another world's leading swimwear manufacturer, producing high-quality products that are engineered to be durable and stylish. With Speedo, you can accessorise your kid’s pool time or little one beach day with dazzling new short sleeve swimsuits!

     One Piece Surfsuits for Toddlers and Girls

  One piece swimsuits are great for covering up little ones and come in different colours and great designs so you can pick the right one. 

Our one piece kids rashie fromMaaji andJayla and Jaxon took their inspiration from the ocean and tropical lifestyle. Aside from nature’s prints, their fabric is soft, comfortable and made to last. Plus all are chlorine resistant, quick drying and offer UPF 50+ rating, so you are confident that your kids are getting the most protection while splashing around.  Pair them with hats and sunglasses for more fun in the sun!

We also love the toddler rashie collection fromTribe Tropical. Their kid rash suit is designed to protect baby skin with full coverage across the back, chest and arms, as well as the top half of the leg. They also have toddler rashie that has added nappy or diaper change clips in case your little one needs quick changes or toilet breaks at the beach or pool.

     Surf Suit for Teens

 Teen surfers is passionate, adventurous, and full of life. They're always looking for new ways to make their surfing experiences better. When it comes to surf suits, we want to help them find the best gear possible so they can maximise their time in the water! 

Our teen surf suits are made from high-quality materials that will keep them dry and comfortable while they're out on the waves. Let your young lady show her tropical side in one of our  limited-edition prints, designed with love byTribe Tropical brand. 

     Shop your Kids Rashie at Splish Splash

If you're looking for a great gift idea for your little one this summer, enjoy hassle-free shopping withSplish Splash online store.  No more running around the mall to find the perfect kid’s rash vests —you can have it all delivered straight to your door!