Miléa Swimwear

Milea is a global swimwear brand built on the love of the world's most emblematic resort destinations. It was created by Seafolly in 2016 and it is one of the most gorgeous Australian swimwear brands. It captures the spirit of travel and adventure, while offering a feminine wardrobe of barefoot luxury and extraordinary artistry. Milea by Seafolly offers a dreamy collection of products for every girl slaying at the beach. At Splish Splash, we partner only with the world's leading and renowned beach and swimwear brands.

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Prints and Style Swimwear Online

Miléa provides glamorous and luxury swimwear to enjoy the pool water in front of the bar, watching sunsets and snorkelling at the beach. Even if you're planning to stay mostly indoors for the whole season, Milea has the collection that will inspire you to go outside for an adventure. Milea offers different fresh and elegant colours and botanical prints that make everyone look flattering and comfortable. You can also keep an eye on Milea products on sale to pick up the best swimwear at the most affordable prices.

BeYOUtiful Swimwear by Milea

Splish Splash has an amazing collection of one piece suits from the top swimwear brands, including a great soft feminine range from Milea. We love Milea’s inclusion of resort glamour and elegance in every piece and product they deliver. The vast Splish Splash swimsuit selection radiates confidence and provides a comfortable feeling to every woman who loves spending time under the sun. The available bikinis and beachwear collection from Milea has the same flexible and high-quality fabrics that Seafolly is proud of.

Our women's collections provide Milea bikinis available in various silhouette designs that fit every body shape. We provide swimwear from small to large cups and beautiful prints such as Artistic Expression, Le Paradis, Mini Rib, Sea Serpent and Spring Garden. Milea always delivers the most modern-style items in swimwear fashion and designs, and manufactures swimsuits everyone enjoys looking at. Splish Splash also offers a great Seafolly sale selection range for those who have a lower budget to enjoy our swimwear at the most affordable prices. Enjoy the beach and summer activities with our Milea swimwear collection!

Splish Splash takes pride in providing modern styles and high quality, which is why we deliver to you a large selection of swimwear online. We stock swimwear and many other items from popular brands, including kids swimwear, so that every family can enjoy the beach fully prepared for the season and confident in their outfits. Splish Splash also has other great brands, so you won't need to search for your favourite swimwear online for too long.

Buy Your Swimwear from the Comfort of Your Home

We believe that the purchase of swimwear should be exciting. That is why we sell all of our product lines and more online, for you to shop from the comfort of your own home for your favourite brands and styles. Milea swimwear products are bound to be your perfect companion for warm and sunny beach days as well as for weekends.

For all questions and queries about our products, shipping or anything else, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at +61 7 4041 0989.

Shop the latest gorgeous Miléa swimwear and relax in the comfort style of every piece you buy. Check out our selection of Miléa today!