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Jantzen Swimwear

Women around the world are lucky to have the chance to wear the comfort and refined style of the Jantzen swimwear. Its grand reputation is just another indicator of the best quality and feminine style every  Jantzen collection offers. The perfect cuts are timeless, and the new trendy colors and prints are irresistible. 

One of the world’s pioneers in manufacturing swimwear for both men and women begins its story in the 1910s. The bathing suits sure looked nothing like the ones Jantzen company designs today. However, they became very popular and controversial. 

Throughout the years,  Janzen was and still is the choice of many world-famous celebrities that are often featured in the company’s catalogues. 

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Combinations of fabrics and quick dry synthetics made  Jantzen even bigger in the late '50s. With the expansion of travel opportunities,Jantzen was introduced outside the U.S. Since then, it has become the symbol of swimwear in every exotic location and beach across the globe. 

Today,  Jantzen is produced in more than 18 countries across the world, providing new styles, setting new trends and presentingswimwearin high fashion. 

Jantzen Swimwear Collections

You know Jantzen’s logo, right? The little diving lady has been their brand mark for over a hundred years. Each new Jantzen collection introduces innovations in style, comfort, durability and appearance.  

Today, Jantzen collections are devoted to women. They’re producing swimwear collections with a refined feminine touch. The classic styles and models are familiar to Jantzen’s faithful customers. Every season, they introduce the same timeless styles with innovative and bold designs and prints. 

Products and Designs

The century-long experience in manufacturing and selling swimwear has shaped Jantzen products to perfection. Their sophisticated style is represented by a limited range of women’s swimwear models. Serving women’s beauty, sophisticated cuts and innovative designs is what makes Jantzen products so special. 

Keeping the retro style that offers greater coverage and protection, Janzen produces several classic models for women.

Jantzen women swimwear models:

  1. High-waist full coverage bottoms
  2. Tankinis (underwired blousons) 
  3. One-piece swimwear

All models and pieces are perfectly designed for great support inside and outside water. The greater coverage that these models offer, is suitable for women that want greater sun protection. 

Here at  Splish Splash, we choose only the best-selling products, the most beautiful designs and the unmistakable quality that Jantzen has to offer. Therefore, we have a wide range of Jantzen swimwear products available in our stores and for online purchase at affordable prices. Check our unlimited range of women’s swimwear to find your best fit. 

Why Choose Jantzen?

Wearing Jantzen swimwear represents style and character. Whatever beach you may choose to laze on this summer, your brand will be recognized. The worldwide reputation that Jantzen swimwear enjoys is a result of its quality and great design. Smart solutions and fabric combinations offer durability and comfort.

Jantzen models are perfect for women that want coverage and support, without sacrificing style. 

Jantzen Size and Fit Guide

Blouson underwired Tankinis D-cup sizing:

  1. Bra size: 34 D/DD
  • Bust: 37.5
  • Waist: 29
  • Hips: 39
  • Bra size: 36D/DD
  • Bust: 39.5
  • Waist: 31
  • Hips: 41
  • Bra size: 38 D/DD
  • Bust: 41.5
  • Waist: 33
  • Hips: 43