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Inoa is synonymous with gorgeous, stand out, luxurious kaftans and dresses. The brand is a personal favourite of most of the Splish Splash Swimwear Team and many of these amazing creations have been worn to the weddings of our loved ones! 

Inoa has a creative team that travels the world to source only the finest 100% hand spun silk fabrics and exclusive patterns to feature in the collections (cool job huh!). They use innovative bright colours, bold patterns and original exclusive prints and then finish them with intricate, hand made detailing, such as crystals, beads and embellishments - your inner magpie has never been so happy! 

The finished product is luxurious, standout and stunning and because the prints and designs are exclusive to the Inoa label, you wont find the same styles being used anywhere else in the word. Plus, their limited edition hand made manufacturing process means that only selected stocklists can sell Inoa. So rest assured, no one else at the wedding will be wearing your dress!