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Period Swimwear, How it Works?

Period Swimwear, How it Works?

Period Swimwear, How It Works, And Where to Buy in Australia 

Do you love to swim but fear that dreaded time of the month? Periods don't have to be a buzzkill when it comes to taking a dip in the pool. Now you can swim even during  your period with the help of period swimwear. It is designed to keep you comfortable and safe while swimming during your menstrual cycle.  

Period swimwear will give you extra protection against leaks, protect you from  embarrassing situations, and provide increased comfort to enjoy swimming to the  fullest. Gone are the days when you had to worry about your period interfering with your swimming plans.  

With period swimwear, you can jump in the pool with confidence. So, let's discuss how period swimwear works and where to find the best one in Australia. 

What Is Period Swimwear? 

Girls worldwide are now jumping for joy because of an incredible invention, period swimwear. That's right; a special swimsuit is designed to keep girls secure and  confident even when they have their period. No more struggling in locker rooms trying  to change a pad or tampon while wearing regular swimming gear. 

For young athletes, girls' period swimwear is revolutionising the way they approach their monthly cycles. With fashionable, discreet, and comfortable options specially made for swimmers, it's now easier than ever for athletes to stay hydrodynamic without unnecessarily compromising product quality or protection. 

Period swimwear for competitive swimmers provides the ideal solution, combining the  necessary coverage with athletically tailored gear that won't slow them down when it matters most. 

Can You Wear Period Swimwear in A Pool? 

If you've ever wondered if it's possible to wear period swimwear in a pool, the answer is a resounding yes! Swimwear for periods has been gaining popularity among teens,  who are championing the idea that swimming during menstruation should be an  inclusive part of life. Traditional period-proof bottoms are available to cover postpartum and are far less stylish than modern girls period swimwear designs.  

Swimwear for periods is unlike the traditional swimsuit bottom. They are specially  designed for swimming and provide extra protection against leaks. Swimsuits are  constructed with three protective layers and are the perfect combination of protection  and comfort. The bottom layer comprises waterproof material to prevent leakage, while  the middle layer serves as a guard to lock in any menstrual blood that may exit  unexpectedly. 

The exterior of girls’ period swimwear is crafted from a fabric that siphons moisture  away from the body and guards against bacteria, restricting the growth of unwanted odours. This long-lasting swimsuit provides absorption capabilities and ensures swift drying once you exit your aquatic adventure. 

Do You Need to Wear a Pad with Period Swimwear? 

Good news! You don't need to wear a pad with period swimwear. This type of swimsuit  comes with an extra layer of protection against leaks and is designed to keep you safe while swimming during your menstrual cycle. Period swimwear for teens has a special  lining that is made of the highest quality fabric and crafted with three protective layers  that lock in any moisture, preventing any embarrassment in the water.  

For additional protection, some women feel more secure by wearing period-proof  swimwear with a disposable tampon or reusable menstrual cup. It can be especially  beneficial during heavy flow days or while you're accustomed to relying on your period proof clothes.  

Regular pads and tampons alone are not suitable for swimming, as they can become  unsecured in water and fail to provide you with the desired level of protection. A period swimwear is so effective that it can absorb 2-3 teaspoons of blood, so you don't have  to worry about finding a bathroom in-between water activity.  

Is There Period Swimwear for A Heavy Flow? 

Period-proof swimsuits from Modibodi and Love Luna are designed to provide  maximum protection during your cycle and absorb up to three teaspoons of blood or  menstrual fluid, equal to roughly three tampons. Love Luna period swimwear will keep  you covered and worry-free whether you're experiencing a light flow day or a heavy  day. 

For those who experience more significant flow, clots, and heavier bleeding during  their period, it is essential to talk to a doctor. Only you know your menstrual flow better  than anyone else and can evaluate if period swimwear is the right product for you. 

If there are any doubts, consider using it as a supplemental item to tampons or cups  when necessary. Your comfort level should come first. 

Can You Wear Period Swimwear All Day? 

Well, it is possible to wear girls period swimwear all day, although it isn't the most  comfortable option for some. It is not recommended to leave a period-proof swimsuit on for more than four hours at a time, and it should be changed as soon as possible after swimming.  

The prolonged effect of wearing period swimwear can cause chafing and discomfort due to the snug fit. It will also prevent bacterial growth due to the fabric material and its ability to wick away moisture.

If you are on the lighter flow, it is all right to wear your period swimwear during the day.  But it is still advised to change into something more comfortable and breathable when  out of water. 

Where To Buy Period Swimwear in Stores in Australia?  

Who does not want to enjoy a swim on a hot day or even during a lazy day by the  pool? But for women who experience periods, wearing a regular swimsuit during that  month can be risky. So, you need durable and reliable swimwear that protects you  from all period-associated embarrassments. 

Splish Splash Swimwear can be a one stop shop for all your swimwear needs. It offers a  wide range of period-proof swimwear that is comfortable, stylish, and reliable. When  purchasing a period-proof swimsuit, it's essential to consider the style that best suits  your needs. At Splish Splash Swimwear, you'll get a range of performance pieces for  competitive swimmers and styles to fit all sizes and shapes.  

Splish Splash Swimwear is also an ideal store if you're searching for period-proof  swimwear in Australia. Our online store offers convenient shipping options across  Australia and international as-well. So, now you no longer need to strain your back with heavy packages.Shop now at Splish Splash Swimwear and find the perfect fit for all your needs. 

Bottom Line 

You can’t stop periods, nor can you decrease their intensity. However, you can use  period swimwear to enjoy your swimming without fear. The Modi Body period  swimwear comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles, and you can choose according  to your aesthetic taste.  

So, next time whenever a period will try to snatch a moment of happiness from you,  try period-proof swimwear and go on a wild adventure of swimming.

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