Bound by Bond-eye

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Bound by Bond-Eye is an Australian swimsuit brand who specialise in MAXXAM fabric (this is the real deal!!). The MAXAAM fabric (or crinkle cut) is exclusively sourced from the United Kingdom and is soft, super stretchy and figure hugging. The high quality fabric will stretch to your body shape, giving you a tailor-made, unique fit. (Unlike the other, cheaper copies that are likley to stretch out of shape). 

Bound suits only come in one size (designed to fit XS-M) which might make you think - Really? But due to the unique, super stretchy fabric and carefully designed construction - the fabric is tubular cut, meaning they have minimal seams and excellent stretch recovery, they mould to each body. For a larger fit, look for TALL styles which are designed for S-L.

They feel AMAZING to wear and make the perfect summer look when paired with denim cutoffs.