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The Rocks Push

In the late 1800’s, Sydney was a new colony ruled by a thriving underworld of gangs. The most powerful gang was The Rocks Push and its members were immediately recognisable as they were the best-dressed men in town.

The Rocks Push swim shorts are tailored to look and feel great and are designed to perform on and off the beach. The shorts are made from light, soft, quick drying nylon, with flat seams, double stitching, smart adjustable options and clever accessories like a waterproof wallet and shorts bag. These will be the best swim shorts you've ever had.

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  • Blue Umbrellas

    The Rocks Push Boys Shorts - Balmoral


    • _finalPrice:54.95
    • _price:54.95
  • Caterpillars

    The Rocks Push Slim Fit Beach Short - Shelly other colours available


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    • _price:99.95
  • Paddles

    The Rocks Push City Beach Short - Tama other colours available


    • _finalPrice:109.95
    • _price:109.95

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