The 5 Great Swimsuit Mistakes You Want To Avoid

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The 5 Great Swimsuit Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Finding the hunt for a new swimsuit a challenge?

Whether you have a few issues you want to downplay or have a runway-ready physique, it can be harder than it should be to find that perfect suit that looks as cute as it makes you feel.

When the shopping search gets especially onerous, you may well find yourself pining for the days of our ancestors, when bathing costumes looked more like ball gowns.

You needn't give up hope and cocoon yourself in a kaftan to find a flattering swimsuit!

Remember that confidence is key to projecting an attractive look, and comfort goes a long way towards establishing confidence.

Just take a look at these common swimsuit mistakes, make a note to steer clear of them, and you'll find it less of a hassle to pick out that perfect beach outfit.


1) You Pick A Suit That's Too Small

We might as well start with the most obvious of swimsuit selection faults, buying a suit that's too small for you is a recipe for disaster.

There's the obvious risk of a wardrobe malfunction embarrassing you.

Straps that are straining to hold everything together can pinch, pry, and cut off your circulation.

According to wedding celebrant Darran Moran, wanting to look your best does not just apply to your wedding day. “When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, style and fit are both important to helping you look and feel confident. The same can be said of swimwear. If your ‘regular’ size is constricting, don’t be afraid to move up one or two sizes, many brands size differently and at the end of the day, fit and comfort is more important than the number on the tag.”

Compressing everything down into a suit that's two sizes too small can be a constant trial -- and it's hardly conducive to looking your best.

Do you want to spend what should be a relaxing day constantly fretting over your cleavage, undoing wedgies, and fretting about the dreaded 'muffin top' situation?

Don't make the mistake of blaming yourself for an over-tight swimsuit, many brands size differently.

You may also want to try assembling a mix-and-match pairing of a top and bottom ideally fitted for you.

Remember, your swimsuit should be snug without making it all too difficult to breathe.


2) You Pick A Suit That's Too Big

The secret to picking a comfortable swimsuit isn't to err on the side of bagginess.

You need to bite the bullet and replace your suit if you find yourself constantly hitching up straps tugging down the top, or adjusting a saggy bottom.

For the weight loss experts at Emotional Health, lacking body confidence can lead to choosing ill-fitting clothes. “Don't reach for an oversized suit if you're self-conscious about your body. Instead start looking at more thoughtfully-designed suits that are made to accommodate your shape. It will not only be the most flattering but also help boost your confidence too.”


3) You Pick A Poor Quality Suit

What can feel like a great swimsuit can quickly go downhill if you don’t choose a quality fabric that’s built to last.

When you choose a low-quality swimsuit you run the risk of:

  • Stretching
  • Piling
  • Translusense

No one wants to come out of the pool showing off more than they anticipated!

By spending a little extra on a quality swimsuit you can ensure you get a piece that fits your body properly. Even better, quality swimsuits last longer so while you may pay marginally more upfront, you’ll end up saving big by not having to constantly replace your swimsuit.

Remember, while it might feel good to save money on your purchase, it will feel 10x worse to have to make the same purchase over and over because the quality was poor.

When you buy a quality swimsuit, you get to enjoy it for longer without having to open your wallet again.

Keep in mind, some swimsuits tend to become more transparent as they wear out. Learn how to care for your swimwear.

It's a good idea to check your older suits for adequate coverage at the start of the summer. If they expose too much, they’re too stretched out, or falling to bits, then they're ready to be retired.


4) You Pick A Restrictive Suit

Your bathing suit should allow you free and comfortable range of motion unless you plan to do nothing in it beyond lying on a chaise longue (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

If the only position that makes you feel attractive in your swimsuit is an unnatural one , wearing it is going to turn into a constant ordeal.

Mentally review all the different ways you may find yourself moving at the pool or beach and make sure the suit you pick out doesn't hamper them or your body.

According to the professional hair removalists at MT Medical, investing in hair removal for the beach only to be stuck in a restrictive suit is a waste. “One of the main motivators for hair removal is being beach ready. Ideally, you’d be wearing your suits for hours having fun at the beach or by the pool. Think about the activities you want to participate in before you make a non-refundable investment in a suit that has the potential to get in the way of you enjoying your time by the water.”

Swimsuit fit is a tricky business, and it's worth the time it takes to try a variety of different styles and sizes.

This is one fashion choice where your comfort trumps all other concerns.

Pick a swimsuit that's comfortable to wear and you'll sparkle with attractive confidence every time you put it on.


5) You Pick A Suit Not Suited To Your Bust Size

You’ve done this before.

Found the perfect swimsuit made of quality materials, it looks great, it feels great, there’s just one problem - it doesn’t fit your bust.

You think you’ll get used to it. You assume it will all work out. But it never does.

Most swimsuits have a cup size they suit best. There are also a range of features that complement your ideal bust size, ranging from underwires to soft cups, internal bra sheets and moulding.

Use these to your advantage to find a swimsuit that looks great AND fits your bust comfortably.

More than just feeling comfortable physically, the right swimsuit will boost your confidence and that should always be factored into the swimsuit you buy.

Swimsuit fit is a tricky business, and it's worth the time it takes to try a variety of different styles and sizes.

Pick a swimsuit that's comfortable to wear and you'll sparkle with attractive confidence every time you put it on.

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Written by: Koby Barrett